Thursday, March 31, 2011

good things to know about losing belly fat

Having to deal with belly fat for awhile myself, I learned today from  my research that built-up waste in the intestines makes a belly stick out. And the way to deal with that problem is to eat three carb meals a day!

I agree that diet does make a difference in efforts to lose belly fat. Eating plenty of fresh veggies and fruits will also provide you with the roughage you need to rid yourself of such built-up waste. that food fills you up because so much of it is really water. Remember, for example, the last time you ate salad and how filling it was? You didn't have room for much of anything else, including dessert.

At the same time, you should eat and fill up on a meal. You'll effectively eliminate cravings later on. To me, experiencing cravings has got to be the worst. Even if I can get the food I crave, I tend to gorge myself on it til the craving disappears.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

a case for exercising at home

There is much to be said for exercising at a gym or at home. I'm all in favor of exercising at home. For one thing, there is way more privacy with less or no interference. You can schedule time more flexibly, without worrying about traveling to the gym. There are no fees to pay for working out at home either, nor anyone to compete with at a gym or even a weight-loss program such as Jenny Craig.

Best of all, you have the total freedom to exercise wearing the skimpiest of outfits or almost nothing at all. You can turn up the music that motivates you to move the way you want to. There is no one to laugh or ridicule your efforts.

So long as you keep at it and fit it into your daily schedule, you will lose that fat and weight. You can even combine so-called "formal" exercises with your daily housework routine. Just remember to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and you will not only lose weight, but keep it off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

discouraging aspects of suggested meals and exercises for fat loss

If you page through various books on fat loss, you will likely see one or more chapters devoted to recipe suggestions to supplement exercises. And often, you will find quite a variety of meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the problem with a lot of those recipes is that you may not like or eat certain foods. For example, I would not even think about preparing a meal featuring avocados, fish, or eggplant.

Ditto for exercises featured in these books. To be sure, a number of those exercises look easy to do, while other exercises include complex positions, weights, and a strict regimen of "must-do" exercises. I don't care much for becoming a human pretzel nor can I relate to exercises that I must do every day. So naturally, I won't do them.

In addition, all of those suggested meals and exercises are shown as "one size fits all," which we all know isn't true. Personally, I believe that simple meals that are based on various food groups are all that are necessary. And simple, direct exercises are probably all that are needed. For a lot of us, eating and exercising right are quite enough to focus on at one time. More complex items that also require time-consuming practice and preparation only discourage people who sincerely want to lose fat.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Self-image was not the only thing --- it was everything

I've been reading a few stories by women who overcame their problems in fighting fat and noticed that their stories had one thing in common:  these women's self-image was rather poor. They viewed themselves as "fat" and felt inferior, especially as they mistakenly compared themselves to slimmer women. Many of these so-called "fat" women believed that their abilities to engage in athletic activities were hampered by fat and worst of all, that their counterparts regarded them as inferior.

I can relate because I struggled with fat issues as a child and as a young adult. Smaller jean sizes, for example, were off-limits to me because they fit too snugly and caused my midsection to bulge even more.. Also, I was unable to pull the zipper all the way up. It was a frustrating time. I tried to looking in full-length mirrors because I was fat and had to wear tent-like tees and other "fat" clothes.

As a result, I felt inferior to my thinner counterparts. My self-image was poor and it took me a little while to think more positively about my body and my ability to move around more and get rid of fat. One of the things I did, however, was keep my smaller sized jeans and tops as a reminder to continue efforts to slim down.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To shed that fat, moving around frequently is the key

During the early days of my attempts to lose fat, I shot myself in the foot. For starters, I sat more than I moved around --- and of course, I ate. With some foods, I just had to keep eating, the food was that good. It relaxed me so much that I promptly went to sleep about three quarters of the hour shorter.

I barely moved, except to walk, maybe a little. And as a result, I gained weight and accumulated fat in the belly and thighs. My clothes felt tighter, zippers couldn't be zipped up, nice smaller-sized clothes didn't fit. Instead of losing fat, it seemed as though I gained more.

It wasn't until I traveled to Europe for the very first time that I began to lose weight. There was so much to see and do, and so walking to various places and shopping motivated me to move around more. I walked around the Coliseum in Rome, Italy, wandered around Oxford, England, visited castles and museums and the Beer Hall in Munich, Germany, and spent a good part of my afternoons exploring Paris. And needless to say, I ate. But my active walking on the streets and climbing steps and visiting various monuments kept me active and helped me to lose fat

When I returned home, I was inspired to continue moving, only riding a bike frequently. Doing that helped me to prevent packing on more pounds and keep wearing small sizes.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Losing tummy fat....what to do?

I have to confess that it's taken me enough time to actually deal with fat loss, even though the problem was plainly obvious. My tummy poked out, making it difficult for me to zipper up my jeans. It was also an unsightly bulge under my blouses and sweaters, especially when I sat down. I understood what it felt to be the Michelin man, lol.

I thought that I was the only one obsessing about losing tummy fat, but as I began to read books about how certain women lost fheir fat and fat tummies, I noticed that they each writer took a while obsessing about her appearance. The only difference between those writers and me is that perhaps they took action and tried exercising before I did. One author, for example, tried and wound up loving jazzercise.....and getting good results from it! So that was an encouraging sign.

So what was I seeking in the first place?  A strategy for reducing my tummy that did not involve boring cardio or gyms or exercises featuring complicated moves and twists. Believe me, there are plenty of exercises like that. I found that out after perusing about 20 books on fat loss at the library. Even thoush a few of those exercises looked easy, they really weren't.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

How I lost some weight (and fat)

As a child, I wasn't slim at all, but rather chubby, especially around the middle. A lot of people, including relatives, dismissed my chubbiness as "baby fat." Perhaps. After all, my mom prepared nutritious meals and rarely bought soda, cake and cookies.

Fast forward to the present:  I'm not fat, but am working to rid myself of tummy fat.

How I lost weight a few years ago:  I was ill, with sore throat, red eyes, and next to no appetite. What kept me from starving to death was soup, which I forced myself to eat for lunch and supper. This went on for a week. When my doctor weighed me, he found that I lost 8 pounds in a week. He then finished his examination and prescribed medicine, which cleared up my eyes and restored my appetite.

Few years previous to my illness:  During a 3-month trip to Europe, I ate forbidden sweets such as ice cream and cake, along with hearty, fattening meals. Yet I lost weight!  During that time, I was very active, taking in the sights and sometimes skipped meals. Just didn't feel like eating and was often too busy to eat.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reaching Your Goal to Quicker Fat Loss, Minus a Lot of Hassle

For many people, losing fat is the main goal. I'm struggling with the same problem and for the last few years, tried various exercises, eliminating those exercises that required weights. I thought that my fat made me heavy enough and that I did not need to burden myself with weights. After all, a lot of  people who lost weight didn't always have access to or use weights.

There are other ways that don't require weights and I've tried a few with some success. For example, I've ridden my bicycle frequently during the summer months and dropped a few pounds that way. But those and other efforts were random at best, with varying results. If I was going to put in the time and work hard to lose fat, I needed to get good results. That is, a more organized program that didn't require a lot of time, effort or money.

After a lot of research online, I've found what I believed to be a good answer to my strugglles with fat loss, and that was Turbulence Training, which was put together by an expert who tried out his suggestions for workouts and fat loss and proved that those methods actually worked!  The part that I liked best featured a 76-page workbook that included workouts ranging from beginner to advanced levels. These workouts are great because they can be done at home and can be done in 45 minutes or less. Best of all, they

Now, the advanced section of the workbook also features some workouts with weights, something that I'm not crazy about doing. I tend to be lazy and prefer to work out using moves that will help me incinerate fat in my belly and arms with the least amount of effort. The author assumes that readers are already motivated and his program reflects his thinking about fat loss. But there are plenty of other workouts included, so that even if I didn't use weights, I'd still lose fat.

At the same time, this is a flexible program. There are enough workouts included so that you can pretty much pick and choose ones that not only suit you, but help you avoid mistakes and reach your goals. In other words, you're not limited. That makes sense, as everyone is different. A plan that allows choice and offers an organized way to avoid boring cardio workouts, and incinerate fat in 3 weeks. In addition to the workbook, you get an exclusive MP3 audio, an advanced bonus fat loss workout that combines weights and bodyweight exercises in a Turbulence Training "fusion" fat loss program, among other things.