Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fill up on fresh produce and feel healthier

On one hand, realizing that eating fresh fruits and vegetables is good for your health. Another book I read even suggested buying produce in quantities and mix and match and combine for an attractive combination of say, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, cherries, oranges, bananas, etc. The colors of that produce look very attractive together and will in and of itself, motivate you to eat them often. You can even buy them in larger quantities so that you can nibble on them throughout the day instead of reaching for that donut or piece of cake.

And it's really funny, because after stuffing yourself on all of that fresh produce, you lose hunger pangs. You feel full and satisfied. And the other plus is that your teeth don't accumulate so much plaque, making them easier to brush and floss.

I also realize this and am careful to acclimate myself gradually. As a case in point, I nearly went into a sweets withdrawal one day. I craved a sweet dessert, but was unable to find anything in the house, not even a cookie. I became desperate and felt stronger cravings for sweets and finally resorted to substitutes such as fresh oranges. But I wasn't satisfied until I really went overboard the next day and loaded up on sweet foods like cake, pudding, cookies and donuts. Fortunately, the cravings are over for the time being. Again, stuff like this can and will happen. It's important to accept and acknowledge that it will, but move on and go back to eating healthy foods.

Slipping back into bad eating habits can and will happen

As I said in a previous post, weaning yourself from processed foods and other goodies takes time and should be done gradually to allow your body to become acclimated to that healthy change. And as I have found, actually making that change isn't easy. You know how it goes --- the mind is willing, but the body is weak, or something like that.

Case in point:  Yesterday, Friday, I began my little experiment at supper, eating baked potato and slices of fresh tomato and topping that off with some applesauce and a cup of tea. I didn't experience any cravings for cake or pie or ice cream after eating. But guess what, I slipped back into some of my old bad habits by eating a jelly donut with coffee this morning. I was lazy and late. Later on today, I had two slices of pizza and will eat slices of tomato tonight.

Slipping back into old ways does and will happen, but it's natural and not worth getting upset about. There are still opportunities to have your cake and eat it too. For example, you should have heaps of salad with food that you enjoy eating at the same time. So if you enjoy salads already, that shouldn't be a big deal. If you like fish (which I don't), then there's no reason to worry about returning to old bad habits. What you're doing is building up good habits.

Speaking of which --- I saw a book today about dieting whose author gradually included healthy foods and whose exercises around the house were plain and simple. She played ball, she powerwalked, jumped, among other things around the house.. But she didn't go to a gym or spend money on systems which probably wouldn't have worked for her anyway. AND SHE LOST SERIOUS WEIGHT! The photos reveal it all.

So the moral of this story is:  Keep it plain and simple and you won't lose so long as you are persistent and follow through. You don't need tons of money to spend on unnecessary "fixes."

And most of all, temember that fresh fruits and veggies naturally contain vitamins and helpful chemicals that will resist disease and keep you healthy!  But processed stuff won't do that fot you and much worse, will make you more susceptible to illnesses such as diabetes and decrease your resistance.

Friday, April 29, 2011

How long will new way of eating last?

This is not going to be easy, but I'm going to try. That is, I'm going to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, some turkey, some chicken, some tuna fish. No hamburgers, no cheeseburgers, no fries. Tonight's supper, for example, will include a fresh tomato and a baked potato. Dessert will be applesauce. I've already eaten a fresh orange this morning and bought five more this afternoon.

My other move will be exercise, er, a fun activity like jogging or walking til the bike gets fixed. Eating healthy alone doesn't help to reduce weight or lose fat. It's got to be balanced with exercise.

Hopefully, I'll become acclimated in a very short time, as I like vegetables except for broccoli and spinach. (Don't ask me why I hate those veggies. I just do.).

The challenge will be varying those ingredients and reduce any monotony.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

how commercial gyms make money off of you

Here's the reason:  they know that eventually, if you don't watch out, you'll regain all of that weight and have to return to lose it.

You'll be spending more money, more time to get your body back in top condition, such as losing those love handles. And all of the money you've already spent is gone for good. You probably would have done much better by investing in stocks of commercial gyms. That way, you'd get a return of some money instead of the weight.

Next time you're considering a system or a commercial gym, keep your wallet in mind and your situation in mind as you do so. You may wind up saving huge amounts of money doing that.

"natural diet" time

I'd been thinking of doing a little experiment and live on a natural diet consisting of fresh fruits, veggies, along with some tuna and a little wheat bread to start. I would refrain from buying and eating processed foods as crackers, puddings, cakes, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, canned foods, lowfat foods, sweet cereals, soda, macaroni, mayonnaise, processed meats such as salami and baloney and liverwurst, candy and so on.

Of course, I wouldn't eliminate these forbidden foods all in one go because the effects of going through the withdrawal process would be too much for me. But in the meantime, I would try going without two of those foods at a time and just sticking to healthy fresh foods. I would also have to get used to newer foods such as green tea, radishes, and even fish (yikes).

Going without every food I love would be the equivalent of surviving on mere bread and water. Then I think about how people in earlier times who did eat well and did survive because they ate much better than recent generations, for the most part. And I doubt that they would want to eat many of our processed foods anyway, as such foods tend to be about as interesting and tasty as a piece of cardboard. But I'm happy to report that the advertisers of those foods are making money. How profitable would it for them to advertise fresh fruits and veggies?

A better way to think about and participate in exercise

Reading books on exercising and losing weight, I've gotten a negative impression about exercise, namely that it is a form of "punishment" for indulging in overeating, relaxing on the couch and so on. Structured exercises in many books feature different positions to assume, hold briefly and repeat whatever number of sets are specified. Doesn't sound like fun to me. Nor does it inspire me to want to turn those moves into a routine any time soon.

So what to do when you know you really should exercise more, but are not feeling particularly motivated? I can talk because I've experienced a lot of times in which I didn't feel like it and procrastinated. I really believed that exercise was my punishment for eating unwisely.

First, you've got to get motivated.  If you don't already have one or more favorite sports, you probably have some idea of those which you could probably compete in, if given a chance. Go for "easier" sports as volleyball, handball and cycling. Decide and consider engaging in one sport.

Second, practice simple moves.  If you like running or jogging, try running in place for a few minutes at home, or jumping rope or shooting baskets. Pick your time of day for one or more and when that time arrives, just do  it! You don't have to engage every day if you don't feel like it. You can set goals for say, three times a week. If your chosen activity doesn't work out for you, choose another and try that for awhile. Examples of simple equipment include basketballs, bikes, ropes. It all depends on your choice.

Commit to an activity or sport. In other words, continue doing it because you love it and feel motivated to participate in it. Even if you enjoy throwing a frisbee, you'll still get enjoyment and a great opportunity to exercise. Forget "exercise" and just think "fun." You'll benefit from all of the moving around that is required by a given activity. You're having fun and losing weight in the bargain!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tips for saving money on fresh fruits and vegetables

Just trying to find and buy fresh produce can be a project in and of itself. Walk in any supermarket and you'll find, for the most part, that fresh produce as lettuce, peppers, potatoes, apples, oranges and other fruits and vegetables are really quite expensive! You know that in order to lose fat, you need a healthy serving of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. That's what nutritionists, doctors, and weight-loss experts all suggest.

What to do about this dilemma? Here are a few tips:

- Try stores that sell fresh produce only You'll often find more reasonable prices and a nice variety to boot. Plus, you'll likely discover specials that are hard to pass up. For example, at one produce store, stringbeans were on sale at 79 cents a pound, navel oranges (regular size) were (and are) five oranges are just one dollar and fresh lettuce was 99 cents a head.

- Buy fresh vegetables and fruits that are on sale  Definitely shop for those specials at your supermarket, check flyers for sales.

- Eat fresh fruits and vegetables that are "in season."  In warmer weather, you'll likely find good prices for melons, cantaloupes, tomatoes and other produce. Take advantage of these sales, but only buy what you and your family will be likely to eat for a few days and store produce appropriately.

- Consider growing your own. To do this successfully, find out what types or produce are suitable for your area and soil. You don't even need a backyard to plant produce. You can have a box garden or a hanging garden that can also serve for decorative purposes. You'll save money and get to spend some time outside in the fresh air AND move around as you prepare the soil, plant seeds in it and weed your garden.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Simple warm-weather activities to get moving again (and losing weight)

There's a good reason why many people are afraid of the approaching warm weather:  it means that they will no longer be able to disguise bulges under sweaters, coats and jackets. I think that I am one of them. This morning, I slipped on a shirt that at first seemed to fit me fine and it did, until I pulled it over my jeans and revealed a slight tummy bulge.

I'm prone to belly fat and have read enough diet and exercise books to know that losing that means moving around even more rather than sitting around most of the time. There's no excuse with warmer weather. So I've started by walking more often and looking for ways to lengthen that walk. Hopefully over the weekend, I'll be able to take my ten-speed bike to the shop to have it cleaned up and air put in its tires.

There are a few things that, if done gradually, will make eating and exercising healthy a breeze.

- Don't overdo exercise or giving up favorite foods. Your body simply won't like or respond well to the idea. It will rebel by storing more fat exactly where you don't want it. It will make you feel bad and motivate you to eat goodies that will just wind up putting more fat in your stomach, arms and legs.

- Choose the easiest exercise, like walking, first. You don't need special equipment, you can walk as fast as you wish wherever you wish. You'll get a good workout over time and then become ready to kick things up a notch and move on to jogging and/or running. Starting with an easier way to move will motivate you to move more often and lose weight and feel good again.

- Get in the right mood. Stir up positive feelings and vibes by spending a little time getting ready, like dancing to music. You'll be fired up to want to go outside and take a walk or a bike ride. Surprise your body and yourself by beginning immediately --- don't think about it, don't worry about anything, just start moving your feet and entire self.

Have a Pig-Out Day and Crave Healthy Foods Again

When people hear the word, diet, they sometimes imagine all kinds of negative things, such as eating boring foods every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all in the name of losing weight. They forget that just trying to stay on a given diet is only one part of losing weight. Moving around, walking, running, cycling, etc., or exercising is the other part.

Oh, this will likely continue for as long as the dieter is desperate enough to want to lose weight much sooner than later. That person will likely put up with unfamiliar foods and food combinations for a time. Actually, I should substitute the words, "putting in time," as willingly imprisoning themselves to lose weight. Those people feel like they are prisoners. All of those foods that were so enjoyable to them are gone, perhaps forever.

But maybe not so. What might be a better idea is to just let it all hang out and designate one day as a "Pig-Out Day" and go crazy eating whatever they want. Sweet freedom! But as crazy as this sounds, it just might work. Figure now that the binge has ended for a long time, the healthy foods will look and taste even better, and maybe the reverse will be true --- develop a craving for healthy foods!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good fat loss regimen always begins with YOU

In my experience in losing weight, I overlooked the importance of specifying what exactly I wanted to achieve, the steps I would take in order to achieve weight-loss goals, and approximately when I would have achieved at least most of my goals.

Initially, I was very disorganized and accomplished next to nothing.....until I stopped expecting miracle cures from miracle diets and exercise regimens. Needless to say, they didn't do anything for me. I wound up binge eating soon after another failed attempt at a diet or exercise regimen.

I chose healthy foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, along with exercises that I enjoyed and would always enjoy doing. All of these things would provide a built-in motivation for me to continue and lose fat in the meantime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Antidotes to Avoid Applying Too Many Fat Loss Stretegies That Will Only Help You to GAIN Weight

As one who has been dealing with troublesome weight loss issues for at least 20 years, I can relate to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in losing troublesome fat in a lot of places on their bodies. There are all kinds of so-called "healthy foods" and exercises to try. And for the most part, the saddest part about them is that they don't work. Even worse, they actually HELP you to GAIN weight!!! I found this out after experiencing the following.

To overcome a lot of frustration and failed attempts, I've decided to embark on using reverse psychology on my body. In other words, I'm not going to force it by knowingly applying anything in the way of exercise or food just to  lose weight. After all, who am I kidding? Certainly, not an uncooperative physical mass of fat, muscle, bone and blood. Don't get me wrong. My body has changed over the years, with some years changing for the better than the worse. During those years, I LOST weight and KEPT it off for the most part. Then I backslid a bit and little by little, the weight began to creep back.

And that weight gain really didn't faze me much until I began to notice that I could barely zip up my jeans or wear a clinging blouse or sweater very well anymore. In a panic, I began consulting just about every book on fitness and weight loss at the library that I could. Read just about all of them. Not necessarily cover to cover. Took too much time. But I read and applied as I went along, with few positive results.I still had a hard time zipping up those jeans. I still struggled to look good in clinging clothing that suddenly revealed all of the lumps and bumps bodywide that I wanted to hide.

In calmer moments, I kept trying to figure it out. And came up with nothing --- no solution.

So then I thought, well, maybe I'm missing something. It was back to the drawing board time and again, similar results. Not much fat loss. Not much weight loss either. Discouragement and disillusionment set in, making me a very unhappy camper. Gradually, I stopped exercising vigorously, as it wasn't doing me much good anyway. So why bother?  Ditto for dieting. I was never on a strict diet to begin with. Just picked and chose as best I could, trying to stick to the tried and proven healthy foods, like fresh vegetables and fruits, with some desserts, cheeseburgers, and fries thrown in for good measure.

In the end, I let everything lapse and returned to my old ways of eating and exercising. And regarded advice in diet and exercise book titles with contempt, thinking, yeah, right. Why sure I'll waste my time, train myself to eat suggested exotic foods and do equally exotic exercises when I know darn well that they won't work for me anyway?

Suzanne Somers in her book, Stop the Insanity, said as much in her entertaining weight-loss book years ago. I mention that book because I did read it from cover to cover and wound up remembering a lot of stuff she said. For example, she explained that these health clubs and exercise systems may indeed work for awhile, but as soon as you complete them, you gain back all of the weight that you tried so hard to lose. Too, even diet and exercise suggestions lost their effectiveness once the participants stopped adhering to them.

Ok, so maybe you've found yourself in a simillar pickle and thought, "Now what?"

Here's the first step, Relax. Slowly take inventory of what you've been doing to lose weight and fat. Then stand before a full length mirror and look at yourself. That's where you are right now.

Stop reading diet and exercise books.  If their advice was that good, those books would still be best sellers and there would be no end to praise for them in the media. Do you hear about those books now? Do you even see them in bookstores or even featured on Amazon anymore? Has there been a spate of people who proudly announce that they've lost weight and all you have to do is check out the results? No, no and no. You've wasted enough time. Just stop.

Just say no to yo-yo dieting and exercising.  You'll only wind up back to Square One and who needs that? Start eating what you love and find excuses to keep moving. Walk as much as possible. Do sportsy things like playing volleyball, cycling, jogging. You'll burn off a surprising amount of calories if you keep at it.

Load up on activities that you love to do and that will keep you too busy to focus on food.  Trust me, this words like a charm. For example, I love writing and spend most of my day doing just that. I do other things as well, such as walking, bending, cycling. There were times that I've become so busy that I was able to disregard snacks and temptation to indulge. There was no time! And I didn't miss any of that food either!

Vary your diet.  Say you've been religiously eating a lot of healthy foods, but lately, found yourself actually getting tired of them. What to do? You can eat more vegetables, such as green peppers and onions, that you may eat occasionally. You can sneak in one or more fattening foods in between. You enjoy eating them anyway and once you have, you'll wind up feeling satisfied and more disposed to sticking with tried and true healthy foods.

Move more and for a longer time.  Yes, you might be thinking, but for how long and how much? That is a question for you and your doctor to answer. You are a unique individual. No one else is exactly like you. Diets and exercises that work for them may not work for you. To that end, you'll likely benefit more by tailoring your regimen, with your doctor's help.

Avoid overstressing about everything related to diets and exercising. When you stress out, you wind up eating stuff that isn't good for you and will actually make you fat or fatter. So what if your waist hasn't changed a lot in the last few days? It will slim down, but none of that's going to happen overnight. So consider just taking things a bit slower. Enjoy life more. Do things that you love. See yourself as a happier and slimmer person!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just because a food is said to be healthy doesn't mean that I will eat it, or have to

I found myself agreeing with a fat-loss expert who stated that there are healthy alternative foods available. He also suggested a number of possible range of foods from which to make choices, such as fish, certain grains and oats.

My only problem was that nearly all of the foods he suggested were ones that I would never eat under any circumstances. And if those were the only foods available in my house, I would not partake. I'm really sorry. I'd probably wind up running to McDonald's for a nice fattening hamburger, no, cheeseburger and fries.

The other thing is that as a child, I basically ate vegetables and some meat, and yes, some fish, such as tuna and flounder. And I did just fine! My parents believed in eating plain food and viewed sweets as special treats. Neither I or my siblings were allowed to turn those sweets into meals. And why should we have done so? Our plain meals included homemade chicken and tomato soups, potato pancakes, freshly-cooked stringbeans, onions, peppers, and carrots. As a result, we were healthy and rarely became ill with heavy colds and the like.

Make no mistake. Healthy diets are important, along with a healthy dose of exercise. But that expert may have it all wrong in assuming that people will automatically agree with his suggestions and limit their diets to foods he suggests. If I had to rely on those foods alone, I would wind up starving. Seriously!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coping with a situation in which you're craving dessert and there's none in the house

I remember a few times in which I craved something sweet --- even a single Oreo cookie would have been fine --- but found nothing on my shelves or fridge that would have satisfied those cravings. Not even a crumb. Not even a broken cookie.

To help combat these cravings for sweets, I prepared another serving of fresh tomatoes, rice and turkey. I also cut up and ate a fresh orange for dessert. This food was good, but would have been even more satisfying had I been able to complete the meal with something sweet, such as jello or pudding or a slice of cake or pie.

These experiences clearly showed that I had not yet overcome a desire for desserts. Going "cold turkey" was probably the worst thing I could have done, but it did teach me a lesson. And that lesson was to have a minimum of sweet desserts, such as a small cake or package of cookies on hand. Ok, you will know that those items are there and that you will eventually eat them, especially if there is nothing else.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dieter's giving in to cravings

Hi all!

Recently, I've had a little conversation with someone I knew about losing weight, mainly tummy fat. This person is trying to lose that belly fat, but is making very slow progress so far. She'll be very good and limit herself to healthy nutrition, but soon regains all of the weight she has lost.

"I make an effort to eat fruits and vegetables, but every so often temptation takes over or a stubborn craving develops that I can't ignore. So I wind up buying things like donuts, for example, that are not good for me or my figure and I know this, but have to admit that donuts taste a lot better than foods that are good for me.

So I give in to that temptation or craving and eat not one donut, but two or three in one sitting. It stirs up more cravings until I reach a point where I've just got to have it.

You would think that my inability to zipper up a pair of new jeans would put me to shame, but it doesn't. I could hear a choir singing the praises of natural foods

The funny thing is that I like most fruits and vegetables. They're all good, but they can't satisfy me the way a tasty donut does. I mean, you eat a piece of fruit, like a juicy orange or pear. Yet somehow, that donut of slice of pie is tastier. You think you can fight the temptation to avoid this, knowing it;s impossible. And there lies the problem. That donut or whatever satisfies more and you develop a craving for it that can't easily be disnissed"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avoiding extremes

You're ensuring your own good health by paying attention with a healthy diet and exercise. Doing so will help you to avoid debilating problems like diabetes or high blood pressure or low resistance to colds and viruses and the like. You feel good and live life to the fullest. Of course, there will be times when you don't feel so great and/or are stressed out, but those conditions are temporary and will soon disappear in short order.

However, there is a point at which you can take things like healthy diets and exercise to the extreme by becoming obsessive about them and your health. You might feel that you're not losing weight fast enough, when the rate at which you are losing weight is perfectly normal and suitable to your age, body build, and genes. Or feel that you need to exercise more strenuously in order to shed those pounds sooner, so you keep at it until you knock yourself out --- or become injured.

The fact of the matter is that you are what you are, some one who will never be or look like someone else exactly in looks, hair, physique, strength, temperatment. So what if you lose weight in your own good time, which may not necessarily be the same time specified by a book, a weight-loss guru, program or gym?  Some people will naturally lose weight faster, while others will lose weight slower. Eventually, everyone will, provided that they persist without going overboard with their efforts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

what to do if you hate to exercise

First the good news:  it is possible to lose fat without starving yourself or doing nothing but exercise. Now for the down side:  it's a process that takes time and the amount of fat being lost during that time is at best minimal. But here's the worst part:  you have to force yourself to begin AND maintain your effort to lose fat over a period of time.

The best antidote for forcing yourself to lose fat is to find an aerobic exercise that you enjoy and just keep doing it. Of course, you should eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. And yes, you can enjoy a sweet treat occasionally:  the trick is not making a meal out of that treat and going overboard. Doing that is just asking for a serious fat problem.

And if you don't feel like doing anything that seems related to exercise, you've got a problem. Fortunately, that problem is solvable. Tackle it by doing an exercise of your choice daily at a time most convenient for you. Simple exercises to consider doing are, for example, walking, running, jogging. Plan to do your chosen exercise for at least a half hour a day, every day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Don't buy into the weight loss myths!

A few examples of these myths include the following:

Once you gain weight, then lose some weight, then gain some, you'll just keep gaining more weight and getting fatter.

If you do manage to lose and keep off weight, you'll have to continue eating like a bird forever.

To lose weight, you'll have to devote yourself to neverending exercise.

Don't buy into the myths above!  They simply aren't true.  And studies don't prove very much, as they are based on averages. The truth is that dieting can make you fatter because your body may not be so great at processing calories. This might even be a hereditary thing. But you still shouldn't buy into the myth that there's nothing you can do because of heredity.

Monday, April 11, 2011

dealing with belly fat in the warm weather

When my stomach was really fat, I dreaded the hot weather because I could no longer wear coat or jacket in public. And even though I lost some weight and my stomach was flatter, I was still uncomfortable, afraid that everyone was staring at my stomach if I were pregnant or something.

Situations like this are great motivators for doing whatever you have to do to disguise a protruding belly. For example, you may have to do a few more aerobic exercises, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and fewer goodies.

But in the meantime, you can't stay cooped up in the house all spring and summer. But you can disguise a protruding belly by not tucking in your blouse or top. This year, there are fashionable tops that can be worn over slacks or jeans and not make you look fat. A word of caution, however. Many of these tops have no sleeves, but spaghetti-style straps that are not very flattering.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Everything in moderation

There is nothing wrong with having an occasional treat or satisfying a craving. Once you've done that, you know that you won't likely go back and keep filling up on sweets for awhile. And if you do happen to go overboard, you'll find that all of the sweets you've consumed don't taste as good any more. In fact, they begin to taste like chemicals. I've learned this after a single experience in pigging out on cake and ice cream; shortly after going overboard like this, I found that the sugar tasted more like a chemical than it did sugar.

And there is nothing wrong with exercise either. Ideally, you should enjoy doing it and seeing the results if you continue. But at the same time, there is such a thing such as overdoing it and injuring yourself.

All of this leads to moderation, a balance of healthy diets and good exercise. To merely eat healthy foods and not move around means that you will accumulate fat eventually. To do one thing and neglect the other will only increase the likelihood of health problems.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Getting on the road to fat loss

1. Measure your waistline every night before you go to bed.
2. Read a different book on dieting and/or exercising every week.
3. Focus on becoming a master of a sport that you love.
4. Incorporate the moves of your favorite sport in your exercise regimen
5. Combine healthy foods with foods that you love, such as having salad with pizza.
6. Go through exercise books, choose exercises that you want to do, and do those exercises for a month or more. Keep track of your progress and weight loss.
7. Get or make a punching bag and punch it when you're angry and/or frustrated.
8. Learn a dance that requires very active moves and master that dance.
9. Start trying out bathing suits and decide how you will fit in a smaller size by viewing yourself wearing it in a mirror.
10. From cooking books, find and list ten different salads that you would enjoy eating and plan to eat one of those salads one day a week.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Maybe more fresh vegetables and fruits are the answer to fat loss

There are a lot of good things that can be said for fresh fruits and vegetables. They contain natural sugars, come in nice colors, and best of all, help you to maintain good health.

And it isn't that people don't find them tasty and healthy. The thing is that those fresh fruits and veggies, for a lot of people, don't fulfil a craving for something that is processed and fat-promoting like hamburgers and jelly donuts. When people think of a treat, they tend to visualize something that tastes good and satisfies their cravings, like ice cream or chocolate bars. Yet those people are interested in shedding excessive pounds.

What to do?  Well, there are no definitive answers, but a possible solution is simply eating more and more fresh fruits and vegetables for lunch and supper. Like anything else, this has to be a gradual process. It is impossible to abandon all of those goodies just like that, or else you begin to experience serious cravings and wind up eating double the amount of food that isn't good for you.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Single-food item diets and healthy foods

As unbelievable as it sounds, some people have actually lost weight by focusing their diets on one food item. Examples include bacon, Subway sandwiches, McDonald's, among others. I am not a dietitian or nutritionist and cannot vouch for the reliability of these claims, nor can I imagine myself eating one item all of the time. To be sure, that item may or may not kill me, but it would become extremely boring and even force me to opt for more nutritious foods instead. That's really the only thing that those foods are good for!

Be that as it may, however. If you love bacon so much that you just want to have bacon for each meal, more power to you! You've probably found a food that not only tastes good, but helps you to stay healthy in a weird sort of way.

For my part, I enjoy a combination of healthy foods, such as salads (minus the dressing), baked potatoes, chicken, corn on the cob, freshly cooked stringbeans and carrots, among other things. I also crave foods such as hamburgers and fries, and satisfy such cravings by eating those foods as soon as possible and then forgetting all about them once my craving has been satisfied.

Monday, April 4, 2011

You've lost some fat. Now what?

A lot of people seem to forget that once they lose fat, they can't go back to their old ways of dieting and exercising. And in a few instances, those people might even gain back all of the fat they lost and then some for good measure.

This means that whatever was done that enabled someone to lose fat has to be maintained. So whatever healthy habits you established and now work for you must be maintained, especially if you have a tendency to gain fat. I learned this first hand after I stopped riding my bike in the winter months and went back to my old ways of eating. Not only did my weight increase, but so did the fat I worked so hard to lose.

At the risk of overexaggerating, I'd like to say that you should absolutely love your new diet and exercise regimen and keep implementing them. That's probably the only way to keep fat off permanently.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Guidelines for choosing and using advice that fits you like a glove

With so much information on fat loss available, you're practically forced to choose information that specifically pertains to you, rather than stuff that is not as specific and more like "one size fits all." In fact, one size may not necessarily fit all because people are so different as to how severe their weight loss issues are and how effective methods for dealing with them will prove to be. To help you narrow your choices and focus on stuff that works for you, I've included a few basic guidelines for picking and choosing the best sources for you:

- Seriously consider information that emphasizes the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables and even includes a few sample meals that you can put together without a lot of fuss. Fresh vegetables, for example, lack fat-producing chemicals that are included in processed foods. Fresh vegetables have the advantages of filling you up faster, taking away the temptation or craving for sweets and other junk food. If most the fresh fruits and vegetables that you like and will eat are featured, you have a keeper. Go with that for now.

- Look at the featured exercises and try a few of them out before committing to a lengthy exercise regimen. Or at least figure out ways that you can adapt, such as using a mat instead of a bare floor. You shouldn't have to suffer from the thought of exercising or implementing a given exercise. If you are, something is wrong. Start again to find what is not only appealing but doable and simple.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Lose fat by jumping rope

If you have a jump rope, you can exercise at home any time you like --- and in the process, lose weight and gain stamina and strength. Jumping rope is one of the simplest exercises to do that requires one single action, jumping.

As in any other exercise, you begin slowly. That is, jump rope a few times and stop when you are out of breath. Then on the next day, jump rope again. This time, try to jump a bit longer, say, for another minute or so. Continue jumping rope every day. Gradually, you will notice that you can jump longer and are losing weight. Of course, your results will vary. Sometimes it will take a bit longer, but that is ok. Persistence is the key!