Monday, October 31, 2011

Being a fussy eater

I'm a fussy eater. I don't like fish, though I'll eat tuna. I don't care for broccoli and spinach.

On the other hand, I'm turning away from frozen meals and other processed food products --- and saving money to boot. I'm eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods.

It's not easy, though. The biggest disadvantage is that after awhile, meals begin to get boring. To make them less so, I'll occasionally prepare spaghetti or rice or elbow noodles. I try to include a salad or vegetable to round out the meal. It isn't easy. It's tempting to slip back into old ways of eating more often than not. Even if good healthy eating habits are established, you find that you have to become more creative in preparing meals if you want to avoid boredom.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another way to lose weight without spending extra time


Walk, run, hop, skip, do housework such as washing floors by hand. Dust by hand too, by using an old shirt as a dust rag and bending down and wiping chair legs, moldings, dresser mirror frames and surfaces free of annoying dust.

Find excuses to move that don't interrupt your normal routine. Walk instead of drive. It's easy and free. There's no equipment to buy or gym to pay for. And you can do it for as long as you like and still get a great workout, PLUS work done.

Go cycling sometimes in-between errands.

Make a habit out of moving around --- daily, at your time at your speed. If you find that you enjoy an activity, plan on doing it often, so long as it makes you happy. And be patient with yourself. Then after two months or more, try weighing yourself. You might be happily surprised. You lost a few pounds by moving and eating right. Those good habits will be a part of your life and lifestyle.

What goes through the mind of someone who's got a craving

Another dilemma that's quite common is dealing with a craving. That favorite food that you gave up so long ago keeps calling your name. You know you want me, it says. You've gone without me for the longest time and it shows. C'mon, stop fronting. You only live once, so why do you keep denying yourself?

It's so tempting. You've been so good about it, not to mention strong. But right about now, that food would taste good and it's not like I'm eating it every day.

Ok, you've convinced me. Besides, I need something different to eat.

With that said, I gave in, finally, and bought that McDouble burger and small fries, ate it, and washed it down with ice cold water. Do I feel guilty? Nope. I answered the call against my better judgment and am glad that I did. Having eaten that food, I was satisfied and quite full. No need to eat anything else.

I'm not the only one who gives in to an occasional craving, but found that the best way to prevent it from haunting me is to satisfy it once and for all.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes you just gotta nibble. What to do?

It's true! Say you're reading a great mystery novel or working on a project. And you're experiencing some anxiety. Will the detective in the mystery find the killer? Will you finish your project before the night or the week is over? For now, the outcome is uncertain.

But you just can't drop everything. You've got to continue AND handle anxious feelings at the same time. A lot of people do this by nibbling stuff --- candies, peanuts, pretzels, cookies, crackers, and so on. Those nibblers may have just eaten a meal and aren't really hungry. They do, however, need to calm themselves down, assure themselves that they will soon discover what's what in the novel or make some progress on that project.

So nibbling does fulfil an important need and it is a question of what to nibble on that doesn't damage weight-loss efforts that you may have going on. Foods as candies and cookies will aggravate an existing weight issue. But nuts may not. They must be chewed, not merely swallowed quickly. And they aren't about to do serious damage to diets or weight-loss efforts. Even crackers, preferably plain ones as matzos, may easily fulfil a serious need to nibble. They are thin and dry and you can probably feel comfortable about devouring quite a few. Fresh fruit as grapes and apples are always acceptable, much more so than pretzels.

And as you might have suspected, nibbling in between meals doesn't always work, as I have found. In spite of the food I've devoured, I have more of a need for real food and crave a real meal. In that case, it's a good idea to take a break, prepare and eat an appropriate regular meal and not bother nibbling anymore. You'll feel more satisfied, expecially once you realize that the real cause of your nibbling was your deep, inner craving for a real meal.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My little "diet" experiment worked!

For much too long, I've battled in-between-meals snack attacks. I'd be working at the computer, focused on my projects, with a growing need for something to eat during that time. For awhile, I relied on foods as animal crackers, plain crackers, cookies or candy to get through anxiety of producing a document that was just right. And I STILL felt hungry. No matter how many crackers I consumed, I couldn't win.

Tired of failing at curbing snack attacks, I began substituting fresh fruit such as plums, apples, oranges, grapes, melons and bananas. I'd keep the fruit handily stored in convenient bowls in the dining room and even on a small table by my work site. Nibbling on the fruit as I worked, I soon became full and more important, lost my craving for crackers and cookies. I really didn't want to eat those. Not that I could anyway, as none were available in the house. I had not bought anything, so the fresh fruit was my only alternative to eat during snack attacks.

So my little experiment worked!  Of course, I try to keep active by walking and in the fall, raking and bagging leaves. Now my biggest challenge will be maintaining my resolve and making sure that the house is well stocked with fresh fruits..

Sunday, October 16, 2011

the secret to traveling and NOT gaining weight

Quite a few yeats ago, I traveled to Europe, visiting England, France, Italy, Germany and Holland. I sampled a variety of cuisines. One breakfast in Italy featured sliced cantaloupe and ham slices. That combination was quite tasty and very filling. There were other combinations as well, but more commonly, a sparse selection of rolls, croissants, butter, jelly, coffee and juice. To stave off hunger pangs, I and one or two or my fellow travelers wrapped a few rolls in napkins to eat later on.

I also took advantage of an opportunity to sample a variety of dessert items, such as gelato.

Now after all of this sampling during the tour, you would think that I would have gained at least 20 more pounds. I'm proud to announce that such a weight gain never happened! Instead, I LOST about 20 pounds and looked and felt great.

Sure, I ate plenty, but also spent hours exploring various towns and their attractions, such as museums, by walking and browsing for a few hours at a time. In fact, I spent so much time just walking that my legs numbed after a bit temporarily. During that tour, I wasn't focused on diet and exercise, but the prospect of having a good time, so much so, that I didn't look forward to returning home. Walking constantly helped to melt away those pounds.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Experts need to explain exactly how we should do things to lose weight

Stating that you must do this or that to get trimmer, many fitness experts fail to explain how, specifically. Say they instruct you to eat more healthy foods. That's fine, but what are some ways to start doing that and even more important, maintain your efforts and succeed?

For example, one specific way is having more fresh fruit available in small attractive bowls around the house --- living room, dining room and kitchen. Whenever you feel hungry, you satisfy it sooner by reaching into the nearest bowl of fruit. And you can eat as much fruit (and vegetables) as you want in one day!

What's nice about this is that you fill up quicker and lose cravings for that calorie-filled donut, slice of pie or cake. And what's nice about this suggestion is that it tells you exactly how to eat more fresh fruits.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My discovery: You have to PREPARE and PSYCHE yourself into losing weight

Thinking about ways to become more trim and fit, along with my own experiences, I have concluded that my efforts would have been more rewarding had I prepared for them and the whole experience of losing weight.

Let me explain.

My experiences in losing weight began when I noticed that I had become heavier and could no longer fit in sizes 12 and 14. My tummy showed and stuck out in lycra tops, making me look like I was pregnant. So instead of preparing myself for the long haul of losing weight, I sort of jumped into things right off the bat. As time passed, and six months went by, I was still fat. I had switched diets, went off and on new diets, avoided certain foods, namely foods I hated, such as fish. I lacked organization and stamina.

However, what I should have done was some careful planning and preparation in order to psyche myself into the whole experience and integrate it smoothly in my life, THEN worried about foods and exercises. It's not too late for me to start again and get better results this time.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Get passive and lose weight

There is a way to do it, and that is sticking to fresh fruits and veggies. Start by buying veggies that go together well, such as potatoes and stringbeans. Prepare potatoes as mashed potatoes and cut and cook stringbeans and eat them together. For dessert, opt for a fresh orange, plum, banana, or cherries or melon.

If you fill up on fresh fruits and veggies in a meal, say for dinner, you'll find that you have no cravings for a piece of cake or pie. I've tried this myself during one meal by basically eating mashed potatoes and fresh cucumber slices and became so full that dessert, even fresh fruit, was out of the question! I lost my appetite for sweet processed foods and even slept better later on. That's what eating fresh does for you. It makes you feel nicely full and content, while taking away cravings for sweets and other processed foods.