Saturday, March 30, 2013

How to sneak in more exercise around the house

Having to maintain a regular exercise regimen is boring, redundant and a pain in the neck! But there's no need to despair or resign yourself to becoming a couch potato. If anything, you will find way less boredom and more excitement in more informal movements, while increasing your movements and spending less time on the couch. Here are some of those ways:

. Clean floors every day, beginning with the one that is frequently used and soiled. When possible, wash them the old-fashioned way, on your hands and knees.

. Take care of chores that are easy to put off doing, such as changing dim light bulbs and/or smoke alarms.

. Handwash your car.

. Reposition some or all of the furniture in a living or dining room.

. Wash windows.

. If you have bookcases, remove books from one shelf, clean the shelf and replace the books.

. Clean out a cluttered closet. The motivation for doing this is that you may just discover stray change in pockets and on the floor.

. If possible, walk to the supermarket, buy what you need and lug the packages home.

. Do limited yardwork. For example, clean up leaves one day. Remove clutter the next. Limit yourself to a single yard project at a time.


Bethanne Strasser said...

around the house is where I get the most exercise!

Dorothy Zjawin said...

Yes, that's how I get mine as well. Like cleaning four litter boses, picking up items that cats have knocked down, dusting, washing, scrubbing, etc.