Friday, April 12, 2013

Skipping breakfast. Again.

Eating, rather than, neglecting breakfast is really good advice. My mom always insisted on everyone eating breakfast. To make her happy, I grudgingly prepared cold cereal and a cup of tea. I wasn't really hungry.....until 10 am, that is. All of a sudden, food tasted good and I was 10 am.

That's my idea breakfast time. Toast, butter, jam, cereal, fruit, such as a fresh orange, are great. But not when I'm just getting done.

I'm still the same way, dietwise. Usually, I prepare something, even if it's only coffee.  The other reason is that there's very little that is available for morning breakfast, such as stale bread, applesauce, Cheerios, coffee. I just think about those foods. Ugh. Not this early in the morning, sorry!

So that's my excuse for not eating breakfast, namely, that I'm just not hungry at that time. I realize that I can lose a few pounds, but have to draw the line somewhere. But don't get me wrong. I can eat breakfast when traveling abroad, when a favorite food such as bacon is featured, and so on. But if breakfast means more of the same-old, same-old boring foods, count me (and breakfast out).                                

Monday, April 8, 2013

Little-known weight-loss secret -- customize your diet and exercises!

Lately, I've paged through a lot of dieting and exercise books whose authors claim that if you follow their advice, you're practically guaranteed to lose weight or fat. We know that isn't necessarily true, as we are not carbon copies of each other. Nor are our needs as far as losing weight are exactly the same.

But how many times do you happen to find really good ideas for healthy meals and exercise in various books and magazines and think, too bad that there wasn't more stuff like this. I'd borrow or buy the book or magazine.

The bad news is that there'll never be a book or video or whathaveyou that is perfectly right for you, ie., match your likes and dislikes, preferences, etc. But the good news is that with all of the variety of ideas, you have a neverending choice available at all times, whenever and however. Your only investment is taking the time to select what food combination and exercise moves are perfectly matched for you.

This is especially good news if you happen to be fussy about foods you'll eat, or at least sample. Ditto for exercises and other excuses to get you moving again. You can easily take advantage of the variety to put together combinations of favorite foods and exercise moves that will help you to lose weight faster and more efficiently.

For example, I happen to be a fussy eater who tends to avoid foods as fish, shrimp, broccoli, cheese, and spinach. Don't know why I don't like those foods --- just don't, that's why. And yet I find many recipes that feature such foods, so therefore take more time to put healthy combinations of foods that will work for me.

Ditto for exercise. A lot of what I've seen in books reminds me of those hated gym classes featuring exercises involving touching toes and jumping jacks. On the other hand, I can really get behind a good game of volleyball and cycling.