Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions, especially on dieting, are useless!

And I'm living proof. I haven't put on an excessive number of pounds, but I haven't lost much either. What I am trying to do instead is include more "real" foods in my diet. By real foods, I mean fresh fruits and vegetables, minus salad dressings and lots of mayonnaise. Now it's one thing to prepare coleslaw at home and reduce the amount of mayonnaise. It's quite another to order a meal at a diner, for example, and consume its version of "coleslaw." Proud to say that I didn't even sample the coleslaw that accompanied my meal, as the mayonnaise in it practically sat on top like icing and inside and around the slaw itself. I've also found items like cake, cookies and candy less appealing. They don't taste as good as they used to, they're smaller and way more expensive. Another useful activity that works for me is simply the act of jumping up and down. No jump rope is necessary! Simply put on the radio and jump to a favorite song from beginning to its end. NEVER jump right after eating though! If you do, you'll feel your food coming back into your throat, similar to what happens just before you vomit. Allow some time first and then jump. You'll also find, as I did, that doing this is easier said than done initially. On the plus side, however, you will lose weight. There's something about vertical exercise that works very well. Studies have been done and attest to that. I've also given myself more excuses to walk instead of ride. After awhile, the option of walking just becomes easier and helps keep the pounds off. At least it did in my experience. Now, if I simply "resolved" to do those things for the new year, I'd barely make any progress. It's just that doing something first and then thinking about it later works better than any resolution. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE and thanks for reading.

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